Selling your business or Succession Planning is about letting go…

Taking on new challenges and moving on…

and that is very hard to do.

Ask yourself…

Which do I have more of; passion or exhaustion?

Do I have an “A-Team”? Can I recruit one? Can I afford one?

Do I have a viable business model? Is there one on the horizon? Is it one I can tolerate? Are my business and industry on the way out?

Has the company outgrown my skill set? What are my options?

Is my business my retirement plan? Will I get the value out of that I desire and need?

Is my business a money pit? Am I feeding money into my business and am I tired of the risk?

Are You Ready to Start?

The outcomes of this work will be:

  • A succession plan with winning aspiration
  • The capabilities and skills that are needed
  • Management systems and metrics needed to ensure you are on track
  • More space in your life (skills, capacity, and energy)

Jim works with and supports business owners and leaders to design, organize, and implement a succession and exit strategy. This includes the development of a winning aspiration strategy, the creation of a results-oriented organization chart, and the evaluation of the current team. Using such tools as behavior and motivational assessments, and benchmarking job expectations, and metrics, a custom skills development and hiring process is designed and implemented as required.

The FocalPoint Coaching Program

FocalPoint Business Coaching isn’t consulting. Instead, our coaching is a partnership between you and your FocalPoint coach. You’ll have preparation activities to accomplish between coaching sessions — but each activity is designed to directly help you move your business and your profits higher and higher!
FocalPoint’s business coaching consists of several key subject areas of one-on-one coaching, through five strategic modules. Each key subject area perfectly builds upon the prior area to produce a powerful synergy of learning! This powerful system will help you gain clarity, reduce stress, become more focused, improve your personal and professional relationships, find more time, and become the best you can possibly be!

All of FocalPoint’s coaching content is 100% based upon Brian Tracy’s 30+ years of business experience and teachings. Coaching sessions are highly participative and productive — each FocalPoint coach is trained and certified to present Brian Tracy’s business coaching material to improve the effectiveness and profits of any business.

Let’s get started today!