Business Coaching Focused on Improving Your Business

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Put simply — my services are all focused on “improvement”.
I use a proactive coaching model to work with you on improving your business in the areas of:
  • Time
  • Team
  • Money
  • Exit Strategy
Isn't all coaching “proactive”?
We use proactive coaching for the same reason you have better meetings when there is an agreed to agenda before everyone sits down. Re-active coaching is less focused and tends to be reactionary.
How I deliver those services varies according to your needs.

One on One Coaching
Private discussions relating to your business needs.
Group Coaching
For unrelated business leaders, in a group setting
For related parties, in a group setting
Your management team
Association members

Video Coaching, or Virtual Coaching
Using web-cams and phone lines

We have specialized programs, perfectly suited to phone coaching

Specific for your needs

Speaker and Presenter
I'm not a talking head or a parachute presenter.  We'll customize the message to your groups needs.