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In order to make the best use of our time and prepare for our meeting, you may want to know what other business owners have asked us in the past.

Below is a summary of the questions I get asked most frequently. Please select the questions that you would like to focus on or, feel free to ask some questions of your own in the comments box.
By requesting a no obligation, free coaching session, you will be able to instantly download a FREE copy of Brian Tracy's "Eat that Frog" e-book (a Time Management Classic) in appreciation of your interest in FocalPoint Coaching!

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1. I feel like I need to take a new look at my business. I've been doing it for a long time...
2. Why do I make less money now than when I was working for someone else?
3. How can I get my customers to buy from me again and again?
4. We have been operating successfully for a long time, but I know we can do more.
5. I want my business to perform better - like my original plans.
6. I would like to make more money.
7. I would like to work less - I deserve some time off.
8. I may want to sell this business in 5 years or less.
9. My kids want to take over the company.
10. I can't seem to find the right people.
11. How can we stand out from our competitors?
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